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Guides for Sonoma Canopy Tours are carefully selected and well trained to handle any of your safety concerns. Our world class course and Guides are annually certified by an outside professional canopy tour builder and trainer, as well as the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Rest assured that we can offer you a worry-free experience in the high canopy of the Coastal Redwood forest.

Our course was built by S.T.E.P.S., Inc. to meet or exceed the standards of the ACCT. Each of the Guides was trained by S.T.E.P.S., Inc.

Adam comes from Paradise. I always thought he came from Eden, but he insists he comes from Paradise, CA. He's a REALLY good gardener and knows the name of every single animal on the planet. He's married to a guide named Jamie and calls her his "suitable helpmate." He loves eating apples and, contrary to popular belief, he has all of his ribs.
Adam is planning on going into the Navy soon so he got a job at Sonoma Canopy Tours to prepare himself for boot camp. You've gotta be TOUGH to be a guide here and you can tell by his picture that he is getting his game face on and ready to take people on a heart-pumping death-defying zip line course. Only the most dedicated recruits make it past guide training and Adam proved himself to be one of the toughest. He is planning on being a Navy Seal so that should be cake when he is done working with us for the summer.
Alexis was enjoying a lethargic lifestyle that consisted of sitting on her couch eating mac and cheese and hanging out with her cats. One day, she got the idea to challenge herself on a zipline and hasn't been the same since. Alexis then got a job working with us in an attempt to help other people get out of their comfort zones and grow as individuals. When she is not working, she is hard at work, trying to invent a zip harness for her cats.
Andrew is from Santa Rosa California and comes from a family of Pastors. His Dad's a pastor, his brother is a pastor, and he also plans on being a pastor once he graduates from Simpson University where he is studying pastorship, or something. In addition to aspiring to pastor people, he's also into playing the guitar, slack lining, and climbing. He can also make anything work with his pocket knife and some webbing and P-chord, isn't that cool?
If you think you love redwood trees, you have never met Andrew. This guy is absolutely fanatical about them. I asked him where he was from and he told me "the redwoods". I asked him what his favorite part of the job is and he just mumbled "redwoods". I asked him another question and mid-sentence he just says "redwood" and then stared blankly at me. I hope you get more out of him than I did.
Ben is from some place you have never been but always wanted to be. The trolley got him onto zip lining. He went to college for the smiles and big hugs. He is into loving people and farming. Those are his own words.
Brandon comes from Riverside and is extremely thankful for all the clean air he gets to breathe in while he's at work. He only got the job because his brother in law Zach works here and we are all pretty upset about it (just kidding (not really though)). In addition to being really good looking, (?) Brandon can also do a back flip off of a slack line. Here is a picture of him doing his best cockroach impression
Claire gets a kick out of guiding from the ground while people are still on the platforms. That's right, she is that tall. Spanning two weather systems, Claire is our tallest guide and does a great job demonstrating just how tall redwoods can get by standing next to them for comparison. Here is a picture of her touching the top of Walter (our oldest tree).
Ed is the oldest guide to ever work for us. Ok not really, but he thinks he is. Before he was a guide he worked as a senior pastor at a church. Ed didn't like being a senior, so he traveled back in time and got a young person's job. In his spare time Ed enjoys making funny YouTube videos, figuring out how technology works, and staring at young whippersnappers at the mall. Ed is married.
Ian surfed his way up from southern California. On his way north, he met a girl and married her. That was over was five years ago. He camped out for a little while at Mount Hermon where there was a zipline course and he guided there for a few years. He felt it was time to move on, so he got back on his board and surfed up to Alliance Redwoods. He's a passionate dude and loves the mission and vision of Sonoma Canopy Tours.
Jay "Brandon" Jacobs a.k.a. "Bea Jayee" a.k.a. "Brandon" a.k.a. "Brando Calrissian" a.k.a. "Bee Jay Beat Box Supreme" a.k.a. "Bee Jakes" a.k.a. "Jay Beaks" a.k.a. "Bray Jay Jamofski" a.k.a. "JAY BRAH" a.k.a. "Jay Jakes Jimmy Jam". He's earned himself a lot of nicknames around here. Brandon hopes to one day be a kindergarten teacher, and he is hoping that his experience at Sonoma Canopy Tours will help him towards that.
James came from a very far away land called Iowa. He had a job at a factory building windows and doors. For some reason, he left the factory in Iowa and came to work in the redwoods with us. We are happy that he is here, because he loves these trees very much and loves to talk about them. When he's not injuring his neck by staring at the big trees all day, he can be found cave exploring and riding his motorcycle.
Jamie comes from Redding, CA and has red hair. Coincidence? I think not. She is a woman of many talents. She can crotchet you up the neatest little hat, can a jar full of salsa, and then send you off the rappel. She also speaks Spanish, so if you "halbla espanol" she can "mostrarle el baño", if you know what I'm saying.
Jared was born and raised in west Africa. He loves his job, his wife, his kids, and is much smarter than anyone else who works here. He's into classical literature and so that intimidates us all and we don't ask him about it. Jared worked at the camp when the course was being built and watching all the platforms get put got him excited about the job.
Joel M. comes from Colorado and is a master hunter. He loves to go far out into the wilderness and put himself in a cage and just wait for bears. Then, when the bears come, he bursts out of the cage and wrestles them to the ground. In the end he gives the bear a hi-five and walks away. He rides a buffalo to work.
Joey aka "Icebox" was born and raised about five minutes up the road in a cabin in an unknown location. Even though he comes from the woods, he fits in real well with urbanites with his incredible beat boxing skills. Somehow, Joey has acquired a joke or pun about every aspect of life. In addition to his job, Joey loves to make music, hang out with his newborn child, and get some much needed sleep whenever he can!
JT was raised in western Sonoma County, so he says to me "you know what that means" (I've yet to figure that out.) I asked him what got him into zip lining and he looked away and responded very quietly "overwhelming apathy". JT is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.
Kyle lives at the gym and sometimes goes to work for Sonoma Canopy tours. His arms might be a little sore from working out so much so sometimes he struggles getting folks onto the cables to zip away. A native of Windsor, Kyle is also studying Kinesiology at the local JC so he can learn to make his muscles bigger.
Luke is from Minnesota, so he is really nice. He also has been working at camps for a very long time and is very comfortable working in the trees and sending people of zips and stuff like that. When he's not zipping around, he loves spending time with his brand new wife and building ikea furniture. He's got a degree in radio broadcasting, so ask him about his radio voice.
Mark "Mamba" Denning is a great Irish folk dancer. He can usually be seen dancing around the forest in a fashion similar to what you see in the picture. Mark is originally from Montana, but he danced his way to California to go to school in Redding. He is currently attending Seminary right now and is studying for his M.D.D. (Masters of Divine Dancing).
Michaela (Muh-Kay-luh) is from a little old town far away called Sonoma. She signed up thinking she would get a job in her hometown - Ha, jokes on you Michaela. She enjoys baking cookies for all the other guides and is in the process of adopting a baby hippo.
Michael is one of the few people who work here who might actually be considered a "local". He was born in raised in Saratoga, CA and studied environmental biology in riverside (giving him just a little bit of authority when he talks about redwoods!) He first fell in love with zip lining when he visited the zipline capitol of the world, Costa Rica. When he's not on course, you can spot him at some of the local open mics and karaoke venues around this neck of the woods.
Mitchell is from the streets of Long Beach. He got tired of city life and decided to live in the forest for a while. He got a job at Alliance redwoods teaching Outdoor Education and then started Zip lining for the Canopy Tour when it opened up in June 2010. When he's not hiding in the trees, Mitchell likes to play the banjo, go backpacking, and spend time with his wife.
Ryan is a very friendly and excitable person, as you can tell by his picture. He's a "people person", he loves people and he is the person for them. He's at the JC right now studying people and all the things he just loves about them. He's also a hopeless romantic.
Sarah is from Virginia. She has been working at a camp every summer since she was fifteen. She got into the job because she used to teach outdoor education at Alliance redwoods and switched departments so she could be closer to her new husband. She is really nice, but hands off she's taken!
Scott comes from Santa Rosa and only applied to work here because he was too poor to do the canopy tour as a participant, so he thought he would try it as a guide. Well Scott, you did the canopy tour and now you are stuck doing it over and over again every single day. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you.
Vincent comes from Western Sonoma County (exact location unknown). He grew up swinging on rope swings and climbing on ropes courses at the "Nonesuch Farm and School". Vincent enjoys many different hobbies that include beat boxing, throat singing, being a ninja, writing a secret book, and cooking. Vincent is enjoying his time as a guide, but he can't wait until he starts his future job working for the CIA. His beat boxing and ninja skills are definitely going to come in handy then.
Will is a person who will blow your mind. He comes from Stockton and was once in the military. He has a degree in outdoor leadership, so he knows a little about what he is doing here. He's also really good at martial arts, magic the gathering, and doing stuff on computers. Will is basically an expert at anything he does, which is awesome.
Zach can get pretty loud. He comes from Bakersfield where it's hot all the time and he has been just loving the coolness of the shaded canopy. Zach has been working at camps for a very long time so he knows a thing or two about zip lining, but if you ask him he will pretend like he doesn't know what you are talking about.