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The Classic Course Experience

A zipline lets the magic of gravity do all the work. Fitted with a specially-designed harness, you'll reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour on our fastest zips. On other elements of the course, you can savor breathtaking views of the majestic Redwood forest at a leisurely pace.

Created as a way to perform scientific research in remote jungles and other previously inaccessible places, ziplines are enjoying an explosion in popularity as high-adventure experiences, in places ranging from Costa Rica to Australia—and even on ships at sea. But now, you can experience the excitement of ziplines here in Sonoma County, at Sonoma Canopy Tours.

Here's what you'll experience while you zip from platform-to-platform:

Platform 1 – 2
Get comfortable at the starting deck known as Victory Circle. This junior zip will prepare you for the ziplining experience ahead as you enjoy your first breathtaking view of the forest.

Platform 2 – 3
Gain confidence on this longer and faster zip that will speed you along at heights around 80 feet off the canopy floor.

Platform 3 – 4
Now the real adventure begins. Look down if you dare: you'll see the deep natural ravine almost 300 feet below, along with the camp that's also part of our grounds.

Platform 4 – 5
Take in the panoramic views from high above the ancient Redwood forest.

Platform 5 – 6
Ready for a full 800 foot zip? Our tour's longest zipline rockets you straight into Coastal Redwood forest.

Platform 6 – 7
This quick change-of-pace zip lets you explore the forest views surrounding you and the creek below.

Platform 7 – 8
Get ready for a little workout on our one-of-a kind majestic spiral staircase. You'll climb 30 feet in the air—just don't forget to enjoy the view on your way up.

Platform 8 – 9
The pace slows a bit to enjoy the fern-lined ravine below. Suspended high above, enjoy the natural sway and undulation on our 175' long sky bridge. Along the way, you'll get to see "Walter," the oldest tree on the property.

Platform 9 – 10
Take a breath and enjoy the view of Walter from another sky bridge as you prepare for the final zip.

Platform 10 – 11
Relish every second of this short zip to the final platform, where you'll come back down to Earth.

Platform 11
From this last platform, you'll rappel to the forest floor, while you see a large redwood burl "close up and personal."

Complete your journey with a leisurely, 50-yard stroll back to Sonoma Canopy Tour's Welcome Center.